ahh, push it.

07 May


The Stairmaster, or whatever step machine is always my favourite at the gym. I hate running. Okay, so I’ve proven that I don’t hate it, but I wouldn’t put it up there as my favourite thing to do.¬†

But climb a bunch of stairs or a hill? I love that. I genuinely love doing that.

At work I forgo the elevator, I only take the steps and I enjoy it. Besides the added benefit of my legs looking shapelier, I have fun doing it. It’s¬†instant¬†gratification. You can feel the burn and the constantly moving closer to the top is just so motivating. Plus you can do it at your own pace, it’s a much more relaxing feeling from the get go than running.

Yesterday I went on an adventure which involved a ton of walking uphill. Best. Adventure. In. Forever. I woke up with my calves throbbing. Worth it.

Granted its made today’s workout a lot more challenging, but pfft.

Walking is fun. Climbing is funner.